Nevadans look for luxury in Costa Rica

People spend their vacations with different goals in mind. Some are looking for an adventurous backpacking trip, others want to explore a new culture, but people from Nevada, especially from the Las Vegas area, have one goal in mind for their vacations: luxury. Luxury real estate is immensely popular in the Las Vegas area, so it’s only natural that Nevadans look toward this style of living for their vacations as well. And although Nevadans find luxury retreats all over the world, Costa Rica has been emerging as a popular favorite. For the last decade, people from Nevada have become repeat visitors to this small, Central American country. Costa Rica has much to offer, but it’s the idea of a luxury retreat that has recently begun to turn repeat visitors into Costa Rican condo owners. Nevadans lead the pack when it comes to Costa Rican condo ownership, and many parts of the U.S. and Europe are starting to follow their example.

Perfect Vacationing Paradise

Costa Rica is well known as the perfect backdrop to a tropical vacation. With over 800 miles of pristine, white sand beaches complimented by nearby rainforest, mountains, and volcanic area, no amount of exploration will be enough. You’ll spend your mornings trekking through the rainforest natural reserves or scaling an active volcano, then your afternoons will be dedicated to relaxing in a beach-side hammock with a cocktail in hand. Evenings typically bring live music, beach front bars to enjoy the sunset, and a night of tropical dishes and salsa dancing.

With the perfect mixture of culture and modern development, Costa Rica truly is the ideal vacation spot. You will have countless opportunities to explore the breathtaking natural scenes, but still be able to dine in style, sleep in luxury, and navigate the country speaking English. This is one of the main reasons why Costa Rica is emerging as a popular favorite. While other Central American countries will also have natural beauty and provide a nearby tropical getaway, if you want luxury and comfort during your vacation, Costa Rica takes the cake. As the most developed country in Central America, Costa Rica will satisfy all your adventurous longings while still providing modern services and luxurious comfort.

More Bang for your Buck

It’s no secret that Nevadans love luxury, and that might be why they are so excited about Costa Rica’s developed luxury real estate scene. Luxury housing in Costa Rica is available along both the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts, as well as in the Central Valley. Both luxury houses and condominiums are becoming quick favorite among Nevadan buyers, who can legally own property in Costa Rica without a residency status, and the current price tags are encouraging repeat visitors to enter the house hunt now. Modern luxury is more developed than ever in Costa Rica, but prices are still extremely low. A basic apartment condo could cost as low as $60,000, but the real deal is in luxury suits.

A luxury condo in Costa Rica will have large windows with incredible views, many spacious rooms, parking spots, luxurious interior details, and access to the amenities the condo offers. These amenities may be reduced in a residential condo option, but a retreat condo will offer everything from golf courses to spas, gyms, and communal pools. These luxury retreat condos can be found all for under a million dollars, often starting around $600,000 and lower.

With a luxury condo costing just a fraction of what it would back home, accompanied by tropical bliss and adventurism, it’s no surprise why Nevadans are rushing to Costa Rica.