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Keeping a pool clean, clear and healthy is important at any time of year – even in winter. Therefore, know a good Pool cleaning service in town or even perform the task yourself. This is especially important if you are thinking of selling your Carson Valley luxury real estate anytime soon. After all, unhealthy water can transmit infectious diseases like hepatitis, conjunctivitis, and ear infections.

When looking for homes for sale in Lake Tahoe, you will need to keep in mind the ongoing pool treatment methods.

Treatment should take into account three factors:

• Mechanical removal of dirt,
• Proper functioning of the filter,
• Proper use of chemicals

Not all mechanical cleaning is done by machine and sometimes you need a company to perform the Pool cleaning service. Between manual activities we have to vacuum the bottom of the pool and remove leaves and other materials in suspension using a sieve. Already mechanical filtration (made with the pump) is critical to ensuring that the chemicals added to the water are well mixed. You might hire a company that is specialized in the field; the Las Vegas Pool cleaning service is usually able to do it all so checkout website here!

What is chemical treatment after all?

Chemical treatment maintains healthy and clear water. Chlorination ensures that the right amount of water is sanitized while other products – algaecides and flocculants – eliminate algae and then are physically removed by mechanical cleaning. The Las Vegas Pool cleaning service is able to provide you all of the tools you need in case you wish to perform the cleaning on your own.

A few more tips to keep your pool always clean, safe and healthy for your family and friends:

Physical cleaning

• Sweep around the pool.

• Use sieve to remove suspended materials.

• Clean the edges of the pool using sponge and appropriate product.

• Filter the water in the pool for at least six hours daily or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

• Verify alkalinity, pH and free chlorine.

• The misfit alkalinity hinders the pH balance and can cause equipment damage and murky water. The ideal range is 80 to 120 ppm. See post at for more tips.

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• The unadjusted pH may cause irritation to the skin and eyes, dry hair, corrosion of equipment and reduce the effectiveness of chlorine. The ideal range is between 7.0 and 7.4.

• Chlorine is the main sanitizer and disinfectant of water (required by law). The ideal parameter is between 1-3 ppm Cl free.

Whether you want to clean your pool on your own or if you wish to hire a pool service company in Las Vegas it is important that you clean your pool at least three times a year.