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Cleaning and keeping a pool clean requires some care at least three times a year – and in case you live in a tropical country and use the pool every month then the pool cleaning service should be done at least once every month. However, it’s not necessary to hire professionals to perform this service. Here are some tips on how to clean your pool.

Pool cleaning service within your reach!

To properly clean a pool, you need to have at home the proper tools. For example, it is essential to have something to pick up leaves–something with a long handle to remove the larger debris. Another important tool is the pool cleaner, which helps with filtration.

Nylon brushes are used to clean the walls and floor of the pool. But if your pool is concrete, use a specific brush to remove algae. If tile, there are several excellent brushes for this type of material.

Cleaning agents must be specific to the type and characteristics of your pool. How to clean a swimming pool view more tips here!

How to clean your pool with or without a pool cleaning service:

– It is extremely important to clean all the way around the pool. If it is covered with a tarp, eliminate all water and dirt that accumulates. Then remove the leaves and dirt always in the opposite direction from the location of the pool.

– Apply a few drops of any specific product to the edge of the pool. There are good market products to clean the edges, biodegradable that do not ruin the toils. These products can be applied without gloves.

– Empty the tank filter and clean it so it does not become clogged. Do not forget to check the filter assembly of your pool to see if it is working well and correctly.

– Choose one day a week to see if there are any leaves or dirt that may harm the flow of water. The filters are located on the bottom of the pool. Go to this website for more information.

Cleaning supplies for pools

– With the tool for leaves, thoroughly clean the surface of the water.

– Brush the pool walls at least once a week. This helps eliminate algae deposits before they begin to create patches. An important tip: use harsher brushes for concrete pools and softer ones for fiberglass pools and rubberized floors. Where the pool is tiled, do not use anything abrasive as it can scratch and damage the surface.

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– After using the brushes, use a vacuum cleaner and remove from the pool bottom those little pieces that fell during brushing. Try to vacuum once a week to keep the water clean and in case you cannot do it on your own hire a Las Vegas pool service.

How to maintain a clean pool

– Finally, chlorine disinfects so apply it according to the instructions.

The chlorine level in the water should always be between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm. About four to five grams of granular chlorine is sufficient for 1,000 liters of water. Only use the pool an hour after applying chlorine. Are you ready? If not hire Las Vegas pool service to always have a healthy pool!