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If you want to know how to keep the water crystal clear and your pool always healthy you have come to the right place! With these tips you will be able to do the pool cleaning service yourself.

There is no magical secret! We all know that a clear and healthy pool is usually the result of constant monitoring.
How do you keep the water sparkling and healthy? Here is how!

Using a float or daisy to keep the water sparkling and healthy is the main tip to keep the water always clear so visit site here!

In addition to all the steps necessary to have a crystal clear pool – controlling pH, alkalinity, chlorine control, performing the physical pool treatment – we strongly recommend using floating chlorinators to keep the pool water crystalline and healthy! They help fight against bacteria and microorganisms. Adjust the size of the holes of the floater to fit your needs. You can also use chlorine tablets that will dissolve slowly in the pool and keep the water clean. You can always look for a Las Vegas Pool cleaning service if you are unsure on how to do it.


Place the float in the pool.

1) Choose the float according to the size of your pool.

It’s always wise to choose the small swimming pool between 15 and 30 thousand liters, and the large swimming pool between 30 and 70,000 liters. But do not hold to these values because you can buy more than one chlorinator if necessary.

If the float or sink tips over, it’s time to change!

2) Check the alkalinity (between 80 and 120 ppm) and pH (between 7.2 and 7.6) adjusting them if necessary.

3) Turn the base of the float to adjust the size of the holes according to the size of your pool.
The larger the hole, the faster the chlorine will go to the pool. Go to this website http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/inner-west/cabarita-beach-and-chiswick-baths-safe-for-inner-west-swimmers-this-summer/story-fngr8h4f-1227636798636 for updated blog post.

Remove the tablets if using the pool.

4) If you want to use the pool, remove the float and put it in a bucket with the pool water.
After use, return the bucket with water and float into the pool. You might not even need any pool service company in Las Vegas!

The bottom line.

pool clean and safe

The floats do much of the chemical treatment of the pool work for you, in the correct dosage and with no product waste. Only cleaning the pool edge and the suction on the bottom will be necessary to find the right amount of chlorine tablets needed to maintain their chlorinated pool per day or per week. You only need to perform the vacuuming and cleaning of the edges.

With that done your pool will always be healthy! Any questions, contact Las Vegas Pool cleaning service!